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Hair transplantation services

Rejuvenation and lifting

Skin rejuvenation with Jalapro
Plasma Jet
Profile gel

Beauty Cinic

Nose lift
Face Lift
Eyebrow Lift
Face angulation
Jaw & Chin Angulation

Fitness Clinic

Laser lipolysis
Body Jet
Fat Burning Threads

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Be kind to your skin

Dr. Sahar Emad Mostofi Beauty Clinic

Providing the best methods of rejuvenation, beauty and treatment for your skin and hair in a completely scientific way.

In a hygienic environment and by providing the best methods of cosmetic medicine.

Providing skin, beauty and fitness services
And provide hair loss and hair transplant treatment services

Beauty Clinic Dr. Sahar Emad Mostofi,

specialist and lecturer in cosmetic medicine

With a degree in Madison aesthetics from Germany

Leave your skin and hair to us and shine in circles.
Dr. Sahar Emad Mostoufi
گالری قبل و بعد

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